Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Half Time Score: 1-1


It's half time already.
Another 45 minutes to go.
Your team needs to win to secure number one spot on the table.
What would you do?
Use the same tactics?
Bring on another striker?
Change to 4-2-3-1?
3-4-3 perhaps?

We are halfway through this holy month of Ramadhan.

What I've done so far?
Have I prayed at the time I'm reading this post?
Am I a better Muslim now?

We should ask these questions to ourselves.
If the answers are all positive, Alhamdulillah.
If not, we need to change our tactics, strategy, formation, or whatever you call it.
Otherwise the die-hard-fans will put pressure on the club owner to sack you.

I want results.
The fans want to see results!

So, brothers and sisters, if you don't see results yet, don't be sad.
Keep on trying improving ourselves.
Increase the tempo.
Don't play defensive game when the scoreline is 1-1.
You need to play serious attacking football.
Get the ball forward.
But don't get too carried away because the opposition might hit you on a counter attack.

Let's remind each other continuously.
We can do it!

"Nobody gets to live life backward.
Look ahead, that is where your future lies"

Life's Like That...


Master J said...

hehe..smart linking between football n Ramadhan..

nurilahi said...

Day to day..
may Allah ease our path and strengthen our faith, ameen~

aRiff said...


aRiff said...

Bro, that's what happen when you read a post by the manager who has won Champions League, Super Cup, EPL (back to back)...in FM 2008 of course..hehe