Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When wrong becomes right...

Sexy = Brave + Confident

Funny. Why? It's because even Muslims use it. Why "brave"? I'm not sure. You know what, maybe people who wears sexy attire is indeed brave. Afraid of nothing (including the prohibition of their own GOD!!!). WOW!! That's truly brave! Isn't it?

What made me sad is that these people think that people who covers their aurah is trying to hide the "ugly" part of the body. WRONG!!!

My reply is
"The most valuable and precious thing is the one that's hardest to get. Just like gold (buried inside the earth), pearl (sunk at the bottom of the ocean)..."

Don't make yourself cheap.
Don't expect people to respect you when you don't respect your own self.

*Aurah = Parts of body that need to be covered by Muslims. Different gender should cover different parts. It depends on situation and the person you are interacting with.


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