Sunday, February 21, 2010

"In Your Face!" statements....


Here are some of the statements that may hit us straight in the face...

1. You won't realise you're doing something wrong when you're doing it.

2. Sometimes you realise what you're doing is wrong but you pretend that it isn't.

3. After you did something wrong, you tend to regret your action...only to repeat it afterwards.

4. We insist women to cover their aurah while we're not covering our aurah properly.

5. We tell women to cover up and at the same time we do not lower our gaze.

6. Some women who wear hijab backbites women who doesn't.

7. "Don't judge a book by it's cover". But the thing is books with hard cover are more expensive than those with paperback.

8. We tend to tell people to do something that we don't do ourselves.

9. We are selfish.

10. We don't mention physical attractiveness in our Ideal Man/Woman criteria, but deep down inside, it's one of the first ten criteria.

* All these statements may or may not be true to everyone. It depends. Don't be too emotional with this post.

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