Monday, September 20, 2010

How Maple got it's name...

Once upon a time, there was a boy.
His name, Maple.

Optimistic, determined, hardworking, independent.
Those are not his qualities.
But, he's creative.

One day, he met two people at a food stall.
A guy and a girl.
They were arguing about Mathematics and ICT.
The guy stressed that Mathematics is better than ICT, whereas the girl argued that ICT is more important.

Then, Maple got an idea.
He proposed the idea of combining the two (Mathematics and ICT) into a much better and more important entity.

At first, they disagreed. But when they came to their senses, they eventually agreed.

Because of the original idea was Maple's, the pair decided to name the new entity "Maple".

Who could have thought that things like this could happen?

Future is made of dreams.

A short and simple survey was conducted among a few readers on the authenticity of this article.
The result is shown further down below.


What do you think?

P/S: This post is purely fictional. It has nothing to do with Maple software and Maplesoft company. Be happy, stay happy, go happy!

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