Saturday, December 12, 2009

For Your Pleasure


DIY = Do It Yourself
FYI = For Your Information
FYP = ?
For Your Pleasure?


FYP or F.Y.P. means Final Year Project (in IIUM at least).

Nowadays, people are always 'on the go'.
'On the go' means you are too busy that you don't have the time to catch your breath.
Alright, that was too exaggerated.
It means, you cannot afford to lose the precious time for all those tiny, unimportant things such as proper word.

There are loads of SMS (Short Message Service) language, internet language and so on.
For some people, it's all about convenience, for some it's destroying the beauty of the language.

However, that's not what I'll discuss in here.
This post is supposed to be about my F.Y.P.

As mentioned in my previous post,
my F.Y.P. is entitled
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Blood Parasite Infection in a rural area in Kuantan.
But the venue may be changed to Pekan.
So the word "Kuantan" in the title may be changed to Pahang or Pekan.

As I explained in my previous post

Basically, I'll join the mobile blood donation campaign of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan
in a rural area.
Then I'll take blood sample from the donor,
give the donor a questionnaire,
bring the blood sample to the lab
and detect the presence of blood parasite (such as Plasmodium sp.)

Using the results of the labwork and data from the questionnaire,
analysis using SPSS software will be made.
That's it.

The main parasites that I expect to find (or not) are Plasmodium sp., Wuchereria bancrofti, and Brugia malayi.

If you noticed, the name Brugia malayi was coined because it can be found in the Malaya region. There's also Brugia pahangi, which as the name suggest, can be found in Pahang.
I'm proud to be Malaysian!

Plasmodium sp., as all of us know (or not), is the culprit behind the notorious disease, Malaria.
Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi are the culprit behind Lymphatic Filariasis/Elephantiasis/Untut
The interesting part is all three of them are transmitted by mosquito.
So, what are you waiting for?
Go and buy a bottle of Ridsect.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company, though.

Since mosquito is intimately involved in the diseases transmission, most questions in my questionnaire aim to identify the risk factors connected to the mosquito such as the presence of ideal breeding ground for the mosquitoes and so on.

Right now I'm finalising my questionnaire while waiting for the blood sucking day next week.
It has nothing to do with fake vampires in the Twilight movie, by the way.

To wrap this up, I'd like to remind you F.Y.P, like other acronyms, can give different meanings, subject to people's own interpretation.

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